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At Pneuma Solutions we provide a seamless bridge between assistive technology and mission critical applications. Our line of products was built with stability, affordability, and security in mind to attract the largest user pool inside and outside of the office space. The Remote Incident Manager (RIM) has provided secure, efficient, accessible, feature-rich remote desktop access, enabling field technical support providers to cut costs while improving quality of service since 2007.

Harness the flexibility of our remote tools to communicate across personal and enterprise networks.

Remote Incident Manager Cloud Edition

For field technical support, Remote Incident Manager Cloud Edition allows a technician to take complete control of a distant computer, over a local network or the Internet, and puts the technician in the same desktop session as the user. With full duplex voice communication, stereo audio, and under 99MS latency connections you can use the remote computer as if you were right in front of it, irrespective of platform. Both users can work in the same applications and documents at the same time, exchange text, and exchange files through the clipboard. Technical or training issues are resolved real-time or a Controller can be given unattended access so computer maintenance can be done when the computer is not in use such as over nights.

This technology has a wide range of uses; some of the most common uses are:

  • Technical support and troubleshooting
  • Training and distance learning
  • System administration

Read our article about RIM on our blog or download the printable .PDF version of the article here.

Trusted by these organizations, along with many happy customers

Lighthouse for the Blind of the Palm Beaches

Lighthouse Vision Loss Education Center

Perkins School for the Blind

Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired

Colorado Center for the Blind (CCB)

Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Iowa Department for the blind

New Mexico Commission for the Blind

Industries for the Blind & Visually Impaired

Computers For the Blind

Miles Access Skills Training

National Federation of the Blind National Office

Springfield Housing Authority

Northern Arizona University

Hartgen Consultancy

Mushroom FM

Vision Australia

Wolf FM

What Customers Say

Ever since RIM was implemented at my workplace, I feel more productive and truly part of the team. I am now able to take more work off my coworker’s plate and am no longer needing to wait around for her to assist customers. This in turn makes the company as a whole more productive. This product was not only a smart investment but will lead to more competitive employment for the blind.

Amelia Cazares

The interface on both the Technician and Client side for connecting is very accessible and straightforward. I am glad to read that you will be giving clients the ability to begin the connection process via a key word as this will make it far easier for a number of our customers which is the primary purpose of us using RIM. The audio from music and other sounds emanating from the client machine is of a very good standard indeed given it is a remote connection. The responsiveness even with JAWS running is absolutely incredible. I was able to get around the remote machine at a fair lick, and it really is excellent.

Brian Hartgen

I want to let you know how much the Remote Incident Manager is helping me. As you know, I work with a number of veterans who must use speech input as they are physically unable to use a keyboard. When one of these veterans has a problem with his or her computer it is impossible for me to talk him through the steps to fix whatever the problem is. Most often, the problem is concerned with the speech input part of the computer and as these folks are unable to use a keyboard they’re pretty well dead in the water if their speech input is not working. To date I’ve unraveled three different veteran’s computers using RIM. If I had been unable to remotely use their computers it would have taken days, if not weeks, to track down and employ a computer person in each of their home towns to do what it took me no more than twenty minutes to accomplish. This is good for the veterans and it’s good for me. Thanks for putting such an easy to use and incredibly useful tool out there.

Sue W. Martin

My experiences while working with Remote Incident Manager have been wonderful.

As a Technical Support Agent for Computers For The Blind I handle as many as 15-20 calls in a day. Most if not all calls require me to remotely connect to a client’s computer.

Previously, our tech support service was done through the use of JAWS Tandem and TeamViewer.

Since the beta cycle of Remote Incident Manager and the subsequent purchase of a single license by CFTB, I have incorporated this tool daily in my providing high level support to all of our clients.

I have found the process for installation on the client’s computer both for internal and external support to be seamless.

Remote Incident Manager allows my experience to mirror exactly what the user is encountering which in turn allows me to diagnose, resolve and provide the client of CFTB to continue on with their day without needing to soak up a large chunk of time resolving a technical issue with their computer.

The ability to reboot the client’s computer without any trouble, using the built-in voice interaction feature to chat with the customer in case a phone call drops and the overall RIM experience being simple and easy makes this program a must have in the toolbox of a Tech Support agent.

Stephen Guerra

I am totally blind, just purchased an individual subscription and cannot wait to use Rim to help my sister with her Pc.

Pat B

I have been working as a Support Analyst supporting students in higher education for over 10 years. I was always envious of my sighted colleagues who were able to jump on a students computer, see exactly what the problem was and quickly fix it for them. I have tried many different products in hopes that one of them would give me equal access. As of this writing, there is only one. Remote Incident Manager.
When I first learned about RIM, I was super excited of the doors that this would open for a support person who happens to be blind. What I wasn’t prepared for is what an absolute game changer this actually is. From the installation to you actually having the ability to help anyone in Windows on the same level as a sighted individual, RIM is amazing, straightforward and just a delight to use. A support tool that is so inclusive and has been developed with accessibility from the ground up is something that other companies should aspire too, but sadly don’t even come close. Yes I am looking at you TeamViewer, Bomgar and others in this space. We are only at the beginning of this very exciting journey that I have embarked on as part of the PneumaVerse.

German A Fermin

The key strokes and speech feedback feels local to me. I can’t tell which machine I am working on. It is just that fast here.

Richard Wells

Remote Incident Manager (RIM) Cloud Edition Pricing

Remote Incident Manager (RIM) is a fully accessible remote desktop product for technical support, training, or simply helping friends and family with their computers.

RIM version 3 prices valid as of September, 2022.

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RIM has subscription and à la carte options for individuals, teams, and organizations of all sizes. Please review and adjust the options below to customize a RIM package that's right for you.

When you complete your order, you will receive a link that you can either use to activate the RIM subscription or prepaid package on your own account, or send to the person who will be using RIM. If RIM access is being purchased for an organization, this link should be sent to the organization's primary technical contact. If someone else needs to make the purchase on your behalf, feel free to send this current page to that person, who can then send the activation link back to you.

Prepaid Packages

Not ready for a subscription yet? Try a RIM pass. or Order some prepaid hours that can be used on demand.

Subscription Plans

  • Personal Unattended (starting at $99 per year or $9.95 per month)
    RIM's Personal unattended plans make it easy to remotely access all of your computers at home and at the office, as well as your family's computers. Note that RIM Personal is not intended for providing remote technical support or training to arbitrary end-users. It only supports unattended sessions on a pre-defined set of computers.
  • Personal Community Support ($149 per year,
    The RIM Personal Community Support Package makes it easy to provide occasional remote technical support or training to arbitrary end-users. It offers three (3) hours per day, in addition to the free 30 minute allotment. This plan does not support unattended sessions, however Personal Community Support is available as an addon to Personal Unattended plans.
  • Pro (starting at $999 per year or $99 per month)
    RIM Pro is designed for individual technology professionals and small teams. With RIM Pro, you can provide remote technical support and training for an unlimited number of target machines.
  • Enterprise (starting at $5,000 per year, plus a $1,000 one-time setup fee)
    RIM Enterprise brings the full power of RIM to medium-sized and large organizations. In addition to the features of RIM Pro, RIM Enterprise offers:

    • Integration with your organization's single-sign-on (SSO) system, including an on-boarding service provided by SSO experts
    • Unattended access to Windows servers
    • Completely silent mode for pre-configured unattended target installers
    • Target groups to make it easy to manage large numbers of target machines
    • Access control for each target group

      Note: Identity verification may be required for the Enterprise Add-on.

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