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Scribe for Meetings easily makes your Zoom screen shares accessible to participants using a screen reader or screen magnification!

Have you been searching for a way to make screen shares accessible for Zoom meeting participants using a screen reader or text magnification software?

We know accessibility compliance is important to you. Especially when you’re unsure if your original content is fully optimized for accessibility.

We can easily make your screen shares simultaneously available as WCAG2.1 compliant HTML in as little as 5-minutes.

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Introducing Scribe for Meetings.

How easy is Scribe for Meetings to use?

  1. Upload your slide deck in advance or as little as 5-minutes before your webinar.
  2. Paste a link in the chat area we provide you during your meeting (includes participant instructions).
  3. Participants requiring accessible content click the link and get full access to your presentation…

And it’s on with the slide show.

It’s that easy.

Watch our 4-minute video to learn how Scribe for Meetings can help you make remote meetings inclusive for people with print disabilities.

Scribe For Meetings features: 

  • Confidently upload accessible shared content in as little as 5-minutes before your presentation.
  • No additional app or software to install to create or access content.
  • Currently works with Zoom meetings and webinars.
  • Your content is formatted into WCAG2.1 compliant Accessible HTML during upload.
  • Graphical descriptions are automatically added to your slides. .
  • Participants can pause their view anytime for additional reading while you continue on.
  • One click and attendees are reading your presentation using their screen reader.

Amazingly simple, Incredibly powerful.

When you make your screen shares accessible with Scribe for Meetings, the content is displayed in a separate window. Participants continue to have full access to the Zoom meeting or webinar.

Attendees can switch back and forth from the Zoom meeting to your accessible screen share anytime they want.

No need to give extra instructions how to access your shared content or break up the flow of your presentation. Participants will intuitively read content just like any other web page.

Use Scribe for Meetings to share…

  • Class assignments with your students.
  • Company updates with employees .
  • Product material with regional supervisors.
  • Sales presentations to customers.
  • Collaborative projects with colleagues.
  • Lead generation materials for online webinar promos.
  • Anyway you use Zoom to share content.

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